The Fairies (Writing)

Here's a story I had to write for a class a while ago:     “Why would she tell me that? She knows I’ll do it! She knows I can’t resist.” I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even realize I was walking until something stopped me. When I opened my eyes and... Continue Reading →


Words (Journaling)

"Words can create the most beautiful of stories." I had a book that wasn't even readable anymore. It was beat up and ripped so I just decided I just decided to tear it up and use it for art. When I saw pictures online of books with watercolor in them I decided to try it.... Continue Reading →

The Reoccurring Library (Writing)

I've had reoccurring dreams ever since I was about four or five. They're either the same dream or different versions of one. One that stands out though is a dream that's been happening recently. I keep dreaming of a library. Not a big one, but not small either. I'll start with the outside then the... Continue Reading →

Terra Cotta To-Go (Herbism)

My town had a craft fair yesterday so me and a couple others went Christmas shopping and we came to an herbal and aromatherapy table. Which led me to buying bottles of essential oils. The woman was selling terra cotta necklaces but since I had a block of terra cotta clay at home and not... Continue Reading →

Rainbows (Photography)

Although they're common in stories. Especially Irish tales with gold and leprechauns. Rainbows are actually quite rare. Which is why I feel so lucky to have these beautiful photo opportunities. The first picture was taken at a significant other's house. The second I don't remember. Third was at a local park. And finally the last... Continue Reading →

Sharpie Shades (Drawing)

Although I'm not sure if this constitutes as drawing, it is the closest hobby I could think of. All I did was pick up a set of three small canvases and a pack of sharpies and got to work. This is basically easy tie-dying with sharpies. I chose canvas but you can use it on... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Nature (Journaling)

This page was actually simple. I made the book out of an old textbook (too beat up to give away) which means there's still writing on the pages. So I glued some white pieces of paper on the page and painted it with watercolor paint. Then I glued on some tissue paper (also painted) and... Continue Reading →

Too Much Love (Journaling)

I found an old calendar full of different quotes. So I decided instead of throwing it out, I'll use it. I cut out this quote and glued it onto pages of red. I don't know why I added the white ink but it just seemed right. And in my opinion, it all fits perfectly together.... Continue Reading →

Tree Puzzle (Journaling)

Every time I go into a shop, the first aisle I walk to is the journal/notebook aisle. I actually love journaling. Which even surprises me. But not the "dear diary" kind. I do occasionally write about my day but the more fun kind is called art journaling. Here is one page: I had a small... Continue Reading →

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